(WKBN) — The sun made an appearance Friday, and there was no shortage of those who took advantage of it.

With temperatures in the 60s in some areas, some walkers First News caught up with said it felt like spring — especially after the frigid temperatures the Valley experienced last week.

Some said they couldn’t get enough of the beautiful weather.

“I am so excited. I already walked once at the mall — I already did my five laps there — and then I came home and I thought, ‘It’s just too nice to sit in the house,’ so I came out for another walk. It’s gorgeous,” said Victoria Maietta, a walker.

The good news is that the Valley can expect the next few days’ temperatures to be similar.

For those who might prefer to take down the holiday decorations before New Year’s, it’s a good time to get out and pack them away.

Jim Morrow, of Youngstown, was enjoying the weather as he did his undecorating.

Morrow removed the snowmen and lights from his front yard and boxed the items up for next year. He knew their usefulness was coming to an end for the season, and now was a great time to take them down.

“New Year’s coming. You’ve got to clean it up eventually anyway. Can’t beat the weather. Better than being out here freezing,” Morrow said. “Ground’s thawed — stakes come out nice and easy. You can find everything, snow’s not hiding all your cords or anything, so it’s real easy to find.”

Morrow’s timing for decorating was perfect. He said he set up his holiday lights in shorts and a T-shirt during a November warm spell.