CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — This month is Hispanic Heritage Month. After a year off from being able to celebrate, many people have been out sharing their culture with the community in the Valley.

There was a block party in Campbell Saturday where people were doing just that.

“This is my first time coming to the event out here. I noticed that they had it on Facebook,” said attendee Nelson Pina.

Papa’s Puerto Rican Cuisine on 12th Street hosted the event. Hundreds of people showed up to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their culture.

“I’ve ate food here before at the restaurant, it’s great food, never participated in any of the events so I just came out here today,” Pina said.

There were cars, music, a bounce house and of course great food, as part of the restaurant’s annual customer appreciation block party that they’ve been doing for four decades.

“We’re originally from New York where they have a big multi-cultural melting pot out there, something we barely saw when we came out this way to Ohio, so I think it was trying to bring that flavor from the East Coast up this way,” said Carmelo Morale’s with Pap’s Bakery and Sandwiches.

Morales said it was good to have everyone out and mingling.

“We’re deep in our roots and our music, the way we get together and party at a time like this,” Morales said.

Pina said it brings everyone together and that it’s not just about Latin people but people of all ethnicities.

“We’re bringing the car culture into it, the music culture into it and then our food, our spices and it’s not just Spanish — it’s all Americanized, it’s not just about Latin people, it’s about all people,” Pina said.

He said Hispanic Heritage Month is important because it represents all people of Latin descent and shows they live all around the world.