Valley police chief announces retirement plans after 34 years of service

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GOSHEN TWP. (WKBN) – After serving the Valley for 34 years, Chief Steven McDaniel of Goshen Police District will be stepping down in August. He has spent most of his life as an officer with different departments in the area.

Goshen Police District’s Chief Steven McDaniel has been the man in charge for the past 12 years. His department serves Goshen and Green townships and Beloit Village.

“It’s a great job and police officers. They’re into elements that most people wouldn’t dream of having to be in,” McDaniel said.

When he left the Marine Corps in 1987, he started work in Salem’s Police Auxiliary. Since then, he’s worked multiple departments. He got hired early on with Goshen as a reserve in 1987.

“That’s why I’ve stayed here. ‘Cause I’ve enjoyed here. The community is great here. The people you work for are great,” McDaniel said.

He says the public’s perception of law enforcement has changed with the events that happened last year, and McDaniel says he acknowledges there are bad police officers in the world.

The other issue he’s faced is when it comes to keeping younger officers.

“We lose a lot of younger officers because, you know, you’re not going to make what Boardman, Austintown, Youngstown,” McDaniel said.

But he’s noticed the one constant is the care the officers have for the community.

“I think one of the things the officers are willing to get out here and do the job,” McDaniel said.

He says he’ll miss the Trustees he’s worked for, his officers and being there for the community.

“Those are the things I’m going to miss. Being able to have them there,” McDaniel said. “It’s kind of weird. It’s like you’re losing a family.”

After McDaniel retires, he plans to go part time, but as of now, he’s not sure where.

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