GUILFORD LAKE, Ohio (WKBN) – A local man had his name called on the Price is Right but then had to keep the secret of how it turned out for over six weeks.

The episode finally aired Wednesday right before First News at Noon.

William “Terry” James got tickets to the show from a friend. He took one of his daughters and went to LA.

“When I was going, I really started watching it and trying to remember all the prices, especially the cars,” James said.

The show was taped in February. That’s when he met Drew Carey.

“I had a finger cut off at the mill and everyone I know I give them three rather than shake hands, and he kinda laughed at that,” James said.

James rolled dice in his first game and won a car on his last roll. He got to the showcase and when another car was available, he immediately bid, but it wasn’t popular.

“When I bid $35,000, everyone was like oh, he’s over. He’s over, and I can see my daughter. She’s looking at me like well, you blew this when you know, and I’m like, now maybe I did,” James said.

James’s bid was so good, he nearly won both showcases. He had a goal to win one car but wound up winning two. His prizes totaled $60,000.

“We’ll sell our old ones and keep the new ones. And at my age, probably the last car I’ll ever have. I’m 75, so it’ll work out perfect for me,” James said.

James hasn’t heard from CBS yet on when he will get the cars. He won a trip to New York City, but it didn’t interest him, so he forfeited the prize which he couldn’t pass to another person.

He forgot to say his second daughter’s name Shannon during the spin-off, which was the only thing he would change about the show.