Valley lawmakers want explanation: Why is GM building Blazer in Mexico?

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Congressman Tim Ryan is not happy with General Motors and he wrote a letter to CEO Mary Barra to let her know.

Ryan is upset that GM plans to build the Chevy Blazer in Mexico. He wants to know why.

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Ryan calls the decision an insult to hardworking families across America. With GM laying off workers at Lordstown and other plants, he argues that GM should be building the Blazer here.

Senator Sherrod Brown also blasted GM on the floor of the Senate on Monday. He said with the tax benefits GM is getting now, the investments should be made here.

“GM can now bring some $7 billion in overseas cash back to the US at a dramatically lower tax rate. They can immediately deduct the cost of any new investments in plants and equipment, and the overall corporate tax rate was dropped by one-third.”

Brown is upset that the announcement was made the same day the second shift at Lordstown was eliminated.

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