(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Lt. Governor Jon Husted was at Brookfield High School on Monday, where he toured the Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program and the Advanced Manufacturing Makerspace.

He sat down with students to talk about the trade programs being offered as part of “In-Demand Jobs Week.”

“We don’t want a single child to graduate high school without a career credential,” Husted said. “We are creating more jobs than we have people to fill right now in the Mahoning Valley and in Ohio, and we need more talent.”

Students demonstrated robotics, programming and other skills for Husted during his visit.

Those working in skilled traces say that as the workforce ages, they need workers in just about every trade over the next 10 years. Pre-apprenticeship programs give students a big advantage.

“There’s no cost. They’re earning while they learn, so getting them involved with these pre-apprenticeship programs and getting them early exposure is giving them a leg up,” said Gary Hartman, a spokesperson for the Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Ian Reichart is a junior at Brookfield in the pre-apprenticeship program and already works in excavating. He said the credentials he’ll earn after graduation can get him better jobs and pay compared to his peers.

“I’m going to use them in the future for sure. It’s a great way for some kids who aren’t active in the classroom to get hands-on work,” Reichart said.

Husted says across the state, there are big waitlists for trade programs and Brookfield is no exception.

“We had a couple of class periods maybe 20 students total and now, we are pushing 70,” said Brookfield Superintendent Toby Gibson.

Ohioans can take to land a successful career such as pre-apprenticeships, College Credit Plus, and industry-recognized credentials

In-Demand Jobs Week offers leaders in business, labor, and education the opportunity to raise awareness about careers in Ohio while also highlighting the benefits of collaboration between business and education.

For individuals, the week offers an opportunity to tour businesses, visit job fairs, and learn about jobs that are in demand in Ohio.