WARREN, Ohio (WKBN)- It’s the busiest time of year for places that supply food for those in need.

Now places like the Warren Family Mission are dealing with some extra challenges, like rising costs and supply shortages.

Normally, the Warren Family Mission already has enough turkeys to feed more than 300 families for Thanksgiving. Last week, they were only at a third of where they should be.

The Mission says they’re being impacted by the rise in prices. It’s not just impacting them in one area either, it’s across the board.

“All your perishable items, eggs, we don’t get a lot in donations so we have to go out and buy. Then even as far as once it goes to packaging, serving roughly over 300 meals a day. That’s a lot of containers, paper bags that you have to purchase to be able to feed the people in the community,” said Warren Family Mission director Dominic Marrari.

They don’t receive government assistance and a lot of the food they receive are products from Second Harvest, which even paying for fuel to go pick up the items has affected their budget.

Second Harvest Food Bank says they started seeing products not being shipped on time and others being canceled around the start of summer.

Second Harvest says they’ve really been impacted by the rising prices. Some of the products they purchase have gone up 30 to 40% in price. They say there’s also a delay in the product being produced and the product getting to their warehouse.

Fortunately, they’re still getting the number of supplies they need to feed those in the community.
They have about 90% of their supplies which is enough to feed people during the holidays. They just don’t have the extra that they normally would. The extra costs is draining their finances, but the community is always asking how they can help.

“Without the generosity of this community, we would not be able to operate the way we do. It’s the only way we could possibly get food in an emergency basis to the people that need it,” said Mike Iberis, executive director of Second Harvest Food Bank.

Second Harvest says they were feeding more people during the pandemic, but now they’re about where they normally are. They have over a million pounds of food in the warehouse and say it will last them until the end of the year.

They’re hoping the supply chain issues and rising prices will be sorted out, but if not, they say they’ll continue to take it day by day and month by month and see where things go.