Valley Congressman Tim Ryan meets with Lordstown Motors CEO

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LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The CEO of Lordstown Motors met with Congressman Tim Ryan, D-13th District, on Wednesday as the company works to finalize a partnership with Foxconn.

Lordstown Motors took Ryan on his first ride in an Endurance. He said the lift was smooth.

“They opened it up for me and I didn’t lose my breakfast, but they tried,” Ryan joked.

He believes the Endurance is an amazing product. Its road to production has been bumpy and hit potholes, but Lordstown Motors believes production will start early next year.

Foxconn has reached a tentative deal to buy the factory and take over production for LMC, while also working to build its own electric car in Lordstown.

“I would think it would be smart for us to be a partner and be supportive to the extent that we can because the upside is so tremendous,” Ryan said.

Foxconn has plenty of experience in technology, and Congressman Ryan believes it’s an innovative company. He’s interested in the deal if the workers are treated fairly and helping grow the enterprise. Ryan believes that could benefit the region’s restaurants, schools, even the housing market.

“The ripple effect of this can be so amazingly positive,” Ryan said.

Ryan is riding the wave, and he’s plugged in after hearing Foxconn wants to make Lordstown its hub for electric vehicles in North America. Lordstown Motors has 600 workers now. He’s hoping the workforce can grow with the EV movement growing.

“I don’t think it will ever get to where it was, where it was 13,000, but it can have a significant impact on the job market here. And these are good-paying jobs,” Ryan said.

Lordstown is growing with jobs. Home Goods, Macy’s, Ultium Cells, and Lordstown Motors. Ryan also feels that’s why it’s so important to have a national discussion about infrastructure, right now, knowing these companies have to have good water, sewer and broadband services.

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