YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Hubbard and Cardinal Mooney communities are mourning the loss of a beloved teacher and a coach.

Mark Pelini, 31, of Canfield, and Jillian Marian, also 31, of Youngstown, were killed in a crash Sunday night in Indiana.

Community members say the two made an impact in the lives of so many here in the Valley.

In Hubbard, the high school library is filled with posters that have condolences for Marian’s family as well as memories students shared about the math teacher who joined the district in 2019.

“She was definitely one of the best teachers Hubbard’s ever had. She always did everything she could for the students. She was always there. She was meaningful. Everybody could talk to her,” said former student Steven Roberts.

Roberts recently graduated from Hubbard High School and remembers Marian as something special.

“She was always perfect in everybody’s eyes. She made sure her students were always fine and she just checked up on them,” he said. “Hubbard will never replace her. She showed that there’s more to teaching than just teaching. She showed that there’s looking out for the students and caring for the students. It’s the best part.”

Superintendent Raymond Solomon said the staff and students are “incredibly heartbroken” over Marian’s death. One student wrote, “The silence is loud, today.”

The posters and memories of Marian will remain in the library until Wednesday afternoon.

The Cardinal Mooney community is also hurting. Mark Pelini was a former Mooney High School football standout who was also on the coaching staff.

School administrators released a statement saying he will forever be known as a leader.

Always positive and inspirational, Mark will forever be known to his players as a leader whose faith in them brought out their best. His smile and warmth brought a steady, calm presence to the intensity inherit in football on the practice fields and under the lights of game nights.”

Cardinal Mooney Adminstration

Counselors are available at both schools for students and staff who need them.