NEGLEY, Ohio (WKBN) – The church bell won’t be ringing before Sunday service at Negley United Methodist Church. It was removed by a crane from its perch this week.

It’s been silent since the bracket holding the bell broke in 2019 and the bell fell in its housing and couldn’t be rung. The church has a storied history, and so does the bell. Pastor Cindy Figley says the bell would ring before Sunday service was about to begin.

“It has been a part of the church as far back as the people around now can remember,” Figley said. “Our Church was built in 1892. And as far as we know, it was put in, when it was built.”

The bell was on the church’s original roof and the rope to ring it came down through the ceiling as you entered the church. An addition to the front of the church in the 1960s included a bell tower. That’s where it would ring proudly until the bracket broke about a year and a half before church member Marsha Turturice passed away.

“And her husband came to us after she died and said she really wanted that bell repaired, and he wanted to see to it that it would get done,” Figley said.

Now it is. The bell repairs will take about a month. The church would like to learn more about the bell in that time. It will take a miracle though since there is nothing to identify the bell.

“It was in the 1840s that they required stamping put on bells. This one has no stamping,” Figley said.

The church is hoping that someone might know something. It did research before its 125th anniversary but didn’t learn anything about the bell.