(WKBN) – Oh, what fun it is to drive… a clean car. But dirty cars are normal this time of year. On Wednesday as the winter freeze released, car washes were crowded. A clean car certainly leads to ease of mind.

The soap suds were being painted onto cars at car washes everywhere around the Valley.

John Lloyd pulled into Coates Car Care and thought the look of his car made his trip pretty obvious.

“The white salt on the sides, but you gotta have the salt in order to get rid of the snow. So it’s lose, lose all the way around,” Lloyd said.

Coates Car Care has been making cars clean since 1959. Traffic is more steady during the summer, but seeing lines of cars after a big storm is also normal.

“Typically, as soon as the roads start to dry up, and people know I’m not gonna get my car filthy dirty as soon as I come out of the car wash,” said James Coates with Coates Car Care.

Coates said a few hundred cars would get bathed today at each of their five locations. He says some of the feedback they hear is that drivers don’t want to wash their cars as much in the winter. But Coates feels it’s the most important time for a wash, to clear away the bad stuff — the salt and brine.

“So the more you get that off, the faster you get that off. The better it is for the longevity of your vehicle,” Coates said.

The industry changer has been the monthly car wash membership. Drivers love being able to get a car wash as often as they want. Coates doesn’t mind. He loves seeing their sticker in the window when those cars shine on the road.

“It makes me feel good that we got their car clean and protecting a big investment for them,” Coates said.

When Lloyd was done with his car wash, his vehicle was shining bright red again. He was happy to see it sparkle.

“Oh, well, there ain’t no more salt and snow on it,” Lloyd said.

Mechanics recommend the underbody wash during a car wash. That will get rid of as much of the salt as possible before it starts to corrode your vehicle.