(WKBN) — As the first few leaves begin to change, marking the shift from summer to fall, the United States Postal Service is busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

The Postal Service announced it will not levy any additional surcharges for customers this holiday season, offering increased predictability in pricing. As part of that, there will be no additional fees for residential area delivery, Saturday delivery or minimum volumes.

It is also expecting to hire around 10,000 seasonal employees in 2023.

“We are ready to deliver for the holidays in a superior and routine manner,” said Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy. “We have been planning early and leveraging investments in our people, infrastructure, transportation and technology. … And with no holiday surcharges, we are strongly positioned to be America’s most affordable delivery provider this holiday season.”

In 2022, the Postal Service processed more than 11.7 billion mailpieces and packages during the holiday season. On average, it took just 2.5 days to deliver a mailpiece or package to its intended destination.

USPS has also expanded its daily package processing capacity to approximately 70 million – an increase of approximately 10 million over last year’s capacity. Increased package processing capacity allows for packages to move through the postal network more quickly and eliminates the need for the leasing of temporary annexes.