WASHINGTON, D.C., (WKBN) — Federal prosecutors are asking again that a judge modify pretrial release conditions for a Mercer County woman accused of taking part in the protests at the capital regarding the 2020 election.

Federal prosecutors said in a motion filed Wednesday that Rachel Powell of Sandy Lake, Pa., is in violation of pretrial release conditions imposed on her by U.S. Judge Royce C. Lamberth in the U.S. Court for the District of Columbia.

Powell faces an eight-count federal indictment for her involvement in the riots at the Capital on Jan. 6, 2021, the day that the U.S. Senate was meeting to affirm the results of the Electoral College to appoint Joe Biden president.

Powell has been on an electronic monitoring bracelet, but it only alerts as to whether Powell is within her residence. The rest of the time when she is at work on the property where she lives or anywhere else, it’s an “honor system” reporting situation.

Powell has violated the conditions of her release on three occasions, including live streaming herself wearing a mesh mask while at work “mocking” her release conditions, prosecutors said. She was also found to be at a brewery and left her house to do “gardening,” which she said was part of her work duties.

“Although the Court has taken the defendant’s release conditions seriously, the defendant has not. (Powell) cannot be trusted to comply with release conditions,” the motion stated.

The government is asking for a GPS monitoring device for Powell so that they can track all of her movements.

There is no word on when Judge Lamberth will make a ruling on the motion.

Patty Coller contributed to this report.