Police say the suspect in an officer-involved shooting on Thursday first shot a utility worker in Union Township before heading to New Wilmington. A man who lives on the street of that first shooting said it’s disturbing that he heard it happen right across from his home.

“It’s unsettling,” Franklin Jones said.

He was working in his basement Thursday afternoon when he heard “a couple loud bangs.”

“I just thought it was a little unusual,” Jones said. “I came up to my garage, looked out the window, saw a yellow Neon backing up Winter Road — which is highly unusual behavior.”

Police say the shooting suspect, William Frazier, drove a yellow Neon on Winter Road and shot at a utility worker, who was in a bucket truck about 20 feet in the air.

The worker told police he heard bullets flying by his head and got hit in the arm. He was treated and released from the hospital.

“There’s been statements made that [Frazier] felt he was being wiretapped and the utility companies were involved in that,” said Lt. Eric Hermick, with the Pennsylvania State Police. “I don’t want to make any assumptions, but that’s what leads us down that road.”

Union Township police say Frazier also shot at a Penn Power truck. One of those bullets came through the windshield, forcing the worker to duck underneath the dashboard to avoid being hit.

Jones said knowing all of this happened outside of his home is alarming.

“I mean, we know evil everywhere in this world, but to have it right outside the threshold of my house — unsettling.”

Frazier continued driving to Wilmington Township, where he was killed after a shootout with police.

Union Township police are continuing to work with the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, along with PSP and New Wilmington police.

If you witnessed anything, you’re asked to call them at 724-652-5203.