University Hospitals donates 5 new AEDs to Cortland Police Department

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University Hospitals also donated "Stop the Bleed" kits

CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The Cortland Police Department now has five brand new automated external defibrillators (AED) from University Hospitals, something the department has never had before.

An AED is a machine that gives a sudden shock to a person who is suffering from cardiac arrest. With this newest donation, Cortland Police Chief David Morris says the department is now a little more prepared to save someone when the time comes.

“Several times a year, our officers probably respond to those types of calls and really, the only tool we have at this point is we can perform CPR,” Morris said.

The police department would have to wait until the fire department showed up with its AED. Morris says the chance of someone surviving with an AED is higher than with CPR.

“Obviously, AEDs are a very important link in that chain and hopefully, we’ll be able to use these AEDs as the life-saving tool that they are,” he said.

One member of University Hospitals says that usually after a life-saving event, police realize just how powerful AEDs can be.

“We actually have had police departments with AEDs show up on a scene and defibrillate a patient and perform CPR and then, the ambulance shows up and then that patient, in turn, walked out of the hospital,” said University Hospitals EMS Coordinator Raymond Pace.

University Hospitals also donated “Stop the Bleed” kits, to help control the blood from anyone bleeding. They were originally for incidents like car crashes or hunting accidents.

“Unfortunately, it’s very important to keep these in schools, in churches because of the mass shootings,” said University Hospitals – Geauga Center President Donald DeCarlo.

Pace says the kit can also be used in your house.

“It’s something they might use at home, if they cut themselves with a knife or maybe their husband was using a chainsaw and they need to help him,” he said.

The kits will be introduced to Lakeview schools next Tuesday.

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