WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Four local charities will share in a $30,000 grant from the Cafaro Foundation to help battle COVID-19 in the Valley.

The nonprofits that will benefit include the Mercy Health Foundation ($10,000), United Way of Trumbull County ($10,000), the Warren Family Mission ($5,000) and the Ohio Living Foundation ($5,000).

“There are more organizations that are trying to do more for the public, so they’re looking for help in meeting those needs and we thought it would be important that the foundation was able to try to at least reach out to some of the most important ones right now,” said Joe Bell, Cafaro Company spokesperson.

The grants will be used to help families impacted by the virus.

No one can say with great certainty how long it will be before our community returns to what we consider normalcy. Just the same, we know this abnormal period we are enduring will end. Until that time comes, the trustees of the Cafaro Foundation and many other compassionate residents of the Mahoning Valley will do what they can to ease the suffering of our neighbors.”

The Cafaro Foundation

Bell said the Cafaro Foundation’s trustees knew at times like this, the community needs some help and they wanted to help in this way.