Unique YouTube channel highlights the area’s best and worst on-the-go meals

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If you work on the road, your food choices may be limited, but that's where two local guys come in to help

(WKBN) – Eating on the go. A father and son duo that works for a local septic company is sharing what they know about mobile meals. They are highlighting some of their favorite spots, plus some of the busts on YouTube, and people are taking notice.

Many drivers travel the roads for work every day, and for workers at Whipkey Septic Pumping, that means eating on the go.

Clayton and Harrison Whipkey own Whipkey Septic Pumping in Homeworth. They travel from place to place to empty septic tanks.

They started promoting themselves in fun ways on Facebook and decided to expand.

“We just needed something new. So we figured, we’re already eating lunch in the truck anyways, why just not make a YouTube channel about it?” Clayton said.

They wanted to smell something good. They like eating and restaurants, but sometimes picking up food at gas stations is an easier option.

“Usually, we’re in a hurry. So gas stations are the best bet,” Clayton said.

Clayton came up with the idea as a marketing tactic, but they didn’t expect getting the views they received. So far, more than 4,000 views. Plus, there are plenty of comments about a certain breakfast food.

“It was supposed to be eggs and Canadian bacon, wrapped in an eggroll wrapper. But, it tasted more like warm cream cheese,” Clayton said.

They did not like it. But they have one rule, you have to eat everything you buy.

Whipkey Septic Pumping travels all over Columbiana, Mahoning and Stark counties. When they stop somewhere, Clayton’s son Harrison goes in and gets the food. He tries to keep it even on who gets what food.

“There’s been some items that we’ve had that were a struggle to eat,” Harrison said.

“Like, both of them were bad,” Clayton said.

But they have found food they did enjoy.

Now, they plan to expand into restaurant type foods.

A new video comes out every Sunday.

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