YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In unprecedented times like we are in now, it is always refreshing to hear the good in people — Youngstown residents are no different.

Nate Offerdahl is the son of a minister. He has owned Westside Bowl for two years and should have celebrated that anniversary this past weekend. But instead of celebrating, he is helping out the community by paying it forward… with pizza.

“Right now, we have a waiting list of about 20 folks who have pre-paid for pizza. So we have plenty of pizza to give away over the next several weeks,” Offerdahl said.

The idea came from a band called Tooth Lures a Fang from Cincinnati. From their simple idea, the concept of paying forward pizza grew.

Local Youngstown bands Rebreather and DAGGRS have also joined in. There is even an international donor.

“We even got an email from a gentleman who came here to see a show from Australia. He sent an email and says he wants to do it regularly. He wants to buy 10 pizzas a month for the next three months,” Offerdahl said.

It may seem like an odd business concept, but it seems to be bringing in more business. The bands and crowds may not be here, but the phone doesn’t stop ringing.

“When anyone calls, the plain pizza is paid for. If they want to add toppings, they pay the difference, unless they have been displaced because of the coronavirus outbreak. We are doing everything we can, especially for folks in the hospitality industry. If they are in a bind or would really like a pizza, just call us and we would be happy to take care of it,” Offerdahl said.

If you want to pay it forward, 10 pizzas from Westside Bowl will cost you $80. Just call 330-792-7675. Westside Bowl is located at 2617 Mahoning Ave.