Union leaders head to Detroit to vote on whether or not to continue GM strike

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The fate of the Lordstown plant hinges on these contract negotiations between the UAW and GM

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s been more than a month since the United Auto Workers General Motors employees walked off the job on strike. On Wednesday, the union and company announced they’ve reached a “tentative agreement.”

“Until we see the details, we’re kind of on pins and needles,” said Tim O’Hara, with UAW Local 1112.

He said they’ve known the fate of the Lordstown plant depended on these negotiations for a while.

“We’re still hopeful until we hear different, but we know that there’s a possibility that we may not get another product here because that’s what General Motors wants,” O’Hara said.

“It’s kind of a sickening feeling right now in my stomach, just not knowing what we’re going to be hearing when we go to Detroit,” said shop chairman Dan Morgan.

We still don’t know the details of that tentative agreement but one thing’s for sure — everyone we talked to Wednesday is hoping somewhere in that agreement, there’s a future for the Lordstown plant.

At the picket line outside of Gate 5, several one-time GM Lordstown workers who said they are in limbo are holding out hope.

“I just hope that everything works out,” Mark Confer said. “That it’s a good agreement and we have a product here.”

“I hope the place opens up again,” Gary Kocab said. “It’s been a good place to work. I hope everybody can come to an agreement and get the ball rolling. Let’s get it going again.”

Local union leaders headed to Detroit Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s UAW GM National Council Meeting.

They’ll learn the details of the agreement and will vote on whether to recommend it to the full membership for ratification or to continue the strike.

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