LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On a day when executives with Fisker Motors were touring the inside of the massive Foxconn facility in Lordstown where they hope one day to have their PEAR automobiles produced, leaders with the Valley’s building trades are still waiting for a call to have their members start working to get the plant ready.

“Wed love to be able to sit down at the table with the entities that can put our people to work,” said Marty Loney, a spokesperson for the Western Reserve Building Trades Council.

When General Motors was making cars in Lordstown, Building Trades members were hired to perform maintenance, with even more needed when it was time for a model change-over. Right now, only about 20 union members are working inside compared to over 1,000 who’ve been working at the nearby Ultium Cells plant over the last two years.

Hundreds of large containers sit on the lot where newly built cars once sat. Union leaders believe they are bound for Ultium.

“100% union. We’re very happy about that, but we want to be able to continue that over at Lordstown Motors and Foxconn,” Loney said.

Not everyone in the Building Trades Council is as optimistic about their membership’s chances of landing a job at Lordstown Motors/Foxconn. Tony Deley of the Ironworkers Union is worried executives with both companies have been a little too quiet, as he calls it, about their future plans.

“Quiet to the community. Quiet to the skilled trades that would ultimately perform the work out there. Tradition shows that’s not good,” Deley said.

Now that the agreement for Foxconn to take over production at Lordstown Motors has been reached, union leaders hope to learn more soon.