LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s not really clear what is going on with the workers at Utlium Cells in Lordstown and the formation of a union there.

Local union officials said workers who have signed union cards are voting Friday until 8 p.m. at the UAW union hall in North Jackson on what they are calling a strike notice.

UAW Local 1112 President Darwin Cooper said union activity at the plant is being handled by the international in Detroit.

WKBN First News left a message for UAW President Ray Curry but has not heard back as of this report.

The vote was to happen if Ultium Cells did not respond to the union by Friday. Union leaders did not say what response was expected from the company.

Curry has said previously that the UAW wants battery assembly workers’ wages to be on par with autoworkers, who make on average $32 an hour. The battery workers at Ultium on Lordstown top out at about $22 an hour, according to a report in Bloomberg.

UAW Regional Director Wayne Blanchard wrote in a union update that most of the workers at Ultium want to unionize.

“There has been an overwhelming show of interest in organizing from the people working at this facility (Ultium). They are adamant that they want a union at ultium and that the UAW is their choice,” Blanchard wrote.

Ultium spokesperson Brooke Wade told the Detroit News that they have been in discussions with the union, saying that talks have been surrounding a ‘neutrality agreement” that could enable a card check process at the facility.

Card Check allows unions to skip the time, expense — and potential risk of losing — that comes with secret ballot elections. Under Card Check, if union organizers can persuade more than 50% of workers at a facility to sign cards, they win, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

According to the company, the plant just started production last week. Right now, the work is focused on training as the plant prepares to ramp up manufacturing. A spokeswoman for the venture said it is producing cells, but they are not yet being shipped. 

The $2.3 billion, 2.8-million-square-foot battery plant now employs 800 people, and eventually, it will have 1,300.