NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – A man was charged Saturday after a bar fight that involved at least six people.

Justin Hall, 34, was charged with felonious assault. He pleaded no contest and was found guilty of a reduced charge of misdemeanor assault in Niles Municipal Court.

Police responded to DJ’s Lounge on the 600 block of West Federal Street in Niles around 1:45 a.m. When police arrived, they found a vehicle leaving the parking lot. Police pulled over the vehicle and found a victim of the bar fight bleeding heavily from the head and neck, according to a report.

The victim went to the bar after his sister told him she was punched by Hall at the bar, according to a police report. The victim went to the bar and confronted Hall, who hit the victim in the head with a glass beer bottle, according to the police report. The victim then left.

Police then stopped another vehicle at DJ’s Lounge, also suspected of being involved in the fight. Five people got out of the vehicle, including the driver, Makayla Cole, who had a firearm in her purse, which she turned over to police, according to the police report.

According to multiple witnesses, earlier in the night Hall told one of the victims to pull his pants up. When the victim asked Hall not to disrespect him, Hall punched one of the victims in the face. According to the victims, he then punched several others, including the original victim’s sister. It was then that she called her brother, the report states.

According to the report, when the original victim arrived, Hall hit him in the face with a glass bottle.

Hall gave a different story of events, but it was different from the multiple other statements police received from witnesses, according to a police report.

The victims did not want to press charges, but officers still chose to charge Hall.

According to a court report, Hall is to have no contact with the victim and is permanently banned from DJ’s Lounge.

Cole was also charged with using weapons while intoxicated. She was booked and released Saturday.

Hall was sentenced to a $1,000 fine, 180 days in jail with 177 of them suspended and probation for a year.

The original victim was take to the hospital for his injuries.