Tuesday evening storm barrels its way through Campbell

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CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – What started around 5 p.m. Tuesday as a small storm cell in central Trumbull County quickly grew into a severe thunderstorm.

By the time it hit Campbell, the winds were howling and the rain was falling hard. So many trees and limbs were down and so many streets were flooded that driving through Campell was like driving through a maze.

Our first stop in Campbell was around 7:15 p.m. A large tree covered all of Coitsville Road, allowing no one to drive through.

One block away, at Coitsville and Eastern Avenue, Susan Molina was dealing with large limbs that had blown off her big trees. We asked her how strong the wind was.

“Very, extremely, extremely. I just started seeing big chunks coming down. I’m like, they’re going to go on my house, I thought,” she said.

Five blocks away, at Park Drive and 13th Street, a stretch of Park was underwater. Bob Yankle lives on 13th and said at its peak, a river of water was flowing from 13th onto Park. He says it’s a reoccurring problem in this part of Campbell when it rains hard.

“My yard was totally flooded. This whole street was like a river. Then once it stops, in about a half hour, this all drains. But that guy, I think, will probably have about another hour to maybe tomorrow morning by the time all that drains out there,” Yankle said.

We also found Blossom Avenue near Sycamore underwater. We were told by one neighbor that the same happened on Saturday after the heavy rain.

Our final stop was Roosevelt Park, where there was high water everywhere — some of the benches were almost submerged to the seats. Trees also fell on top of a pavilion, damaging the roof.

Getting out of Campbell from Roosevelt Park, we had to work our way around the downed tree on Coitsville Road. We cut down Woodland at one point, but it too was flooded.

Power was also out, so all the street lights on Coitsville were out, too.

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