WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe is warning people about a phone scam.

Monroe said the caller in the most recent phone scam has identified himself as someone who works at the sheriff’s office.

The caller tells the person on the other line that he or she failed to appear in court, and a warrant for his or her arrest will be issued if the person doesn’t pay a certain amount of money.

Monroe said that’s not how the sheriff’s office operates.

“The Sheriff’s Office does not come out and collect fine money. That’s the job of the court. If we have a warrant for you, we will personally serve it. The threat of a warrant being issued if you don’t do something, we don’t do that,” Monroe said.

Monroe said people should not give the caller any money.

If you receive a call and question if it’s real or a scam, Monroe said you can call the sheriff’s office to ask.