WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The man prosecutors have called a “serial rapist” has received yet another life sentence for a sexually motivated crime.

“Sexual predators like David Honzu should have no safe place. They should be locked away,” said Asst. Prosecutor Gabe Wildman.

For the second time this month, Honzu was back in a Trumbull County courtroom for a sentencing hearing. This time for a 2007 cold rape case. Prosecutors say his DNA was a match in a case out of Warren that was tested under now Gov. Mike DeWine’s sexual assault kit testing initiative.

A week after he was convicted of kidnapping and rape charges and found to be a sexually violent predator and repeat violent offender, a tearful Honzu appeared before Judge Ronald Rice for sentencing.

“I’m just very sorry about the life that I lead. Very, very sorry. I just, about all I got to say, sir, I’m very, very sorry,” Honzu said while crying.

Honzu was found guilty of the charges related to the 2007 rape of a woman in Warren.

Judge Rice called him a criminal psychopath and pointed out this was Honzu’s fourth violent sex crime conviction before sentencing him to 60 years to life in prison. It’s a sentence that will be served consecutively to his previous sentence of 17 years to life in prison for trying to kidnap a woman in Champion in June.

“I am befuddled that the past criminal justice system failed to permanently lock you up for all of the crimes you have committed. This case represents your fourth time being convicted of a violent sex crime. This court intends to make sure it is your last conviction,” Judge Rice said.

“That sentence is obviously huge. He could never serve that and I think that’s the intention here but also send a message though that this isn’t going to be tolerated in Trumbull County,” Wildman said.

Judge Rice also acknowledged the victim for her courage, Warren Detective Pat Marsico for his determination and persistence in the case and DeWine for starting the sexual assault kit testing initiative when he was attorney general.

“We tested almost 15,000 rape kits statewide — that number’s huge. That led to hundreds if not maybe thousands of these cases being solved and finally brought justice, not just to the victim in this case but to victims all across the state,” Wildman said.