(WKBN) – Three police departments in Trumbull County have been awarded grant money from the state to either start or expand upon their body-worn camera programs.

“The cameras prove what we believe all along that our officers are acting appropriately they’re doing the right things it gives us critical evidence in cases,” said Cortland Police Chief David Morris.

The Cortland Police Department currently uses four body cameras, but thanks to a little more than $9,400 awarded from the state, Chief Morris said the agency will be able to add a few more.

“This will purchase five body camera systems that will integrate with our current dash camera system,” said Chief Morris.

It’s is all a part of the Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program that aims to help law enforcement agencies either maintain or create a body camera program by providing necessary funding.

Howland Police is another department benefiting from the program.

“We’ve been looking at cameras for years but it’s always been the inability for the upfront cost of this program not only do you have to purchase the cameras but you also have to purchase the software and the evidence storage and it was quite costly,” said Howland Police Chief Nick Roberts.

Now with a $9,700 grant, they’ll be able to establish the program and purchase eight cameras.

Liberty Police will be using the more than $38,000 they received to begin outfitting their officers with body cameras too.

“This is an important tool to add to our collection here we are able to use this as transparency for what happens on the road, day-to-day calls, and be transparent with the community,” said Liberty Twp. Officer Jim Marco.

The money will be used to buy 18 cameras that will sync up with the camera system already used in the department’s cruisers.

“It’ll provide footage from the officer’s body-worn camera as well as the front and back seat where the occupants of the vehicle may be,” said Officer Marco.