Trumbull County mom receives sentence for abuse of twin daughters

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The Trumbull County mother who pleaded guilty to seriously harming her infants was back in a courtroom for sentencing Tuesday.

Judge Andrew Logan sentenced 21-year-old Harley Warner to four years in prison for fracturing the skulls of her twin daughters.

Trumbull County Assistant Prosecutor Diane Barber calls the case disturbing, saying Warner admitted to causing multiple fractures on the infants.

“The degree that she inflicted injury was just – I haven’t seen that before,” Barber said.

Standing in front of the judge, Warner told the court she is still not sure how her children were hurt, even though she pleaded guilty in November to endangering children and felonious assault.

“You don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of this offense. You are more concerned with your relationship with your ex as opposed to the relationship you had with your children,” Judge Logan said.

When it was her turn to speak, Warner told the judge she was sorry.

“I’m sorry and that I love my children really much, and I honestly don’t know exactly what happened,” Warner said.

Barber said Warner admitted in a recorded statement that she would hit her children’s head against objects. 

“With respect to the skull fractures, when one or the other of the children were crying and were inconsolable, she would hit their head against a fixed object such as a table or a radiator,” Barber said.

Prosecutors say that happened five separate times both in Newton Falls and Warren.

Warner was arrested on the charges back in June, just nine days after she called 911 from a home on Vine Avenue reporting one of her 7-month-old girls was breathing slowly and turning purple.

The baby was taken to St. Joseph Hospital here doctors found multiple skull fractures on both girls.

Barber said it is not clear if the girls will have any lasting injuries from the trauma. She said they will have to wait until the girls are two years old to determine if they are missing any milestones.

The twins are currently in the care of other family members.

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