GUSTAVUS, Ohio (WKBN) – A Gustavus man is facing charges stemming from the investigation that led to the removal of dozens of hens and roosters from a property in Gustavus last summer.

Marcial Angel is facing five counts of possession of criminal tools, one count of dog confinement, three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of animal fighting.

“Incredibly disturbing, the status of these animals there were multiple animals that had significant, significant wounds, open wounds,” said Lori Shandor of the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County.

Animal Welfare League Humane Agents filed the charges in Central District Court this morning. Angel is due for his first court appearance on May 26.

First News was at the property on Saddler Krohler Road in August when humane agents served a search warrant and removed more than 100 birds.

At the time CEO Lori Shandor said they were tipped off to the case by someone worried about how the birds were being housed.

“The animals also had their combs and waddles removed this is something that has no agricultural purpose this is something that is typically done specifically for cock fighting. The combs and wattles are an area that will bleed significantly, so by removing them prior to a fight they are reducing the amount of blood loss allowing the fight to extend longer,” said Shandor.

  • Combs and waddles put on hens and roosters for cock fighting (1)
  • Combs and waddles put on hens and roosters for cock fighting (2)

Shandor says the investigation is ongoing.