BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — A Trumbull County judge has selected the next Brookfield Township trustee.

The new trustee is Shannon Devitz, according to trustee Dan Suttles. He said Trumbull County Probate Judge James Fredericka selected Devitz after interviewing the applicants as well as talking to him and fellow trustee Mark Ferrara.

Devitz was one of 12 people who applied for the position and then were part of open interviews with the trustees in front of community members on Dec. 7.

Suttles and Ferrara were tasked with appointing a replacement after the retirement of former trustee Ron Haun, but they couldn’t agree on a candidate. Because Haun retired before his term ended, the remaining trustees are allowed to pick a candidate.

Since they couldn’t agree on one candidate, the decision then went to the judge.

Devitz will fulfill the rest of Haun’s term, which is one year. After that, an election will be held for the position.

Devitz said she was excited to hear the news that she had been selected.

“I think everyone went above and beyond trying to figure this out, and I know it was not easy,” she said, stressing that the judge was very thorough in the process.

Devitz, who has lived in Brookfield for five years, has been active in community affairs. She served on the zoning committee when there was a push to bring zoning to the township, but she said she has no desire to continue that effort now as an elected official.

She also helped with the marketing of the school and road levies. As she is a graphic designer by trade, she said she was able to help with signage and other marketing materials.

She also serves on the Historic Commission and the Property Maintenance Board, positions that will need to be filled as she cannot serve on them as a trustee.

Devitz said as she has a 7-year-old son and a full-time job, this one-year position will be a perfect opportunity for her to see if it is something that would interest her in the long term. She does plan on staying put for the one-year term at least, she said.

As far as her goals, she said she plans to get acclimated into the position and help see through projects that are already underway.

A special meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday to officially swear Devitz into the position.