GUSTAVUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Humane agents were in Northern Trumbull County Friday removing dozens of birds from a property as part of an investigation.

Animal Welfare League’s humane agents were in Gustavus serving a search warrant at a property on Saddler Krohler Road.

CEO Lori Shandor said agents were also working to remove dozens of hens and roosters from the property.

“At this point, we’re not completely sure. Initial estimate is somewhere up to 60, but we’re working to get them here to get final counts,” said Shandor.

Shandor said investigators were tipped off to the case by someone who was worried about how the birds were being housed.

Numerous plastic drums with square holes cut out were visible in the backyard. We also saw several birds tied to the drums by some sort of rope attached to the leg.

Shandor said the birds that were removed are being checked over by a vet as soon as they arrive at the shelter.

This has humane agents continue looking into the case.

“They will continue to investigate in the coming hours and at that time we will determine where we are going with charges in this case,” said Shandor.

Several dogs could also be seen on the property.

Shandor said agents are working with the prosecutor and property owner to determine if those animals need to be removed too.

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Humane agents with the Animal Welfare League are currently at a property on Saddler Krohler Road executing a search warrant.