NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County’s up and coming Republican Party now has a new leader at the helm.

Kenneth Kline, a husband, father, pastor, and Newton Falls Mayor can now add another title to his repertoire – Trumbull County Republican Party Chairman.

“I’m a conservative Republican. I don’t hide behind that. I am not ashamed of that,” Kline said.

Kline was chosen by the party’s central committee to fill the remainder of former chairman Kevin Wyndham’s term that expires in 2022.

Wyndham’s resignation took effect at the beginning of the month. Kline now leads the party that has become a serious contender in the county, with Republicans ousting three democratic incumbents during the 2020 general election.

“I think that there’s a lot of common people like myself that are stepping out of the woodwork. They’re coming out and involving themselves, and that’s the way it should be,” Kline said.

He believes the party’s future is bright and would like to continue building on the fundraising efforts of his predecessor while growing the party, standing firm on conservative values, and bringing his positive attitude to future campaigns.

“I would like to see all the mudslinging and the fighting and all that to go away. Really, I would challenge individuals that if you are so sure who you are and what you do, then why would you need to do that?” Kline asked.