Trumbull County club gives back to families in need

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Members of the Trumbull County Rod and Gun Club say giving back to your community is something we should all do

MECCA TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – On Sunday, a group in Trumbull County held a fundraiser to help families in their community. Members of the Trumbull County Rod and Gun Club say giving back to your community is something we should all do.

As the pandemic continues, many people still need help.

So, through their Helping Hands program, members of the Trumbull County Rod and Gun Club awarded gift cards to locals in the community.

“We knew that with COVID and businesses being shut down and people losing their jobs, we knew there were families out there in need, so we wanted to reach out and help them,” said Treasurer Ted Brown.

As a collective, club members gathered $2,500 and handed five families food gift certificates to Sparkle Market and Champion in Cortland.

Shelley Iser stood alongside her daughter Abby Iser. As one of the recipients, she says this was a really big help for them.

“It’s really overwhelming actually to see the way the community comes together and they really stand up and help everybody involved when help is needed most,” Shelley said.

Other locals who were recipients of the certificates say it’s inspiring to see the community come together, especially during these uncertain times.

“It’s important that everybody works together in the community to do kind things for one another. That type of mentality of coming together is especially important right now with everything that’s going on and it just shows a lot of hope,” said Kayla Yarger, a recipient.

“Everyone’s having issues. Everyone’s having these problems, so it’s inspiring to see that everyone really cares about each other and that everyone wants everyone to be okay,” said another recipient, Leeann Bell.

Amy Murray was the one who nominated the families in need and says giving back is something we all can do in any way possible.

“If you have the opportunity to help them, if you have the means to do it, then do it,” Murray said. “Make somebody’s day. Make somebody smile and make somebody happy. That’s what we need to do now more than ever. We need that in our community.”

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