Trumbull Co. hospital using fast-growing communication program to run smoothly during pandemic

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It helps hospitals coordinate and communicate with employees quickly and accurately through their own cell phones

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Because of the pandemic, hospitals across the country — including one in the Valley — are finding new ways to communicate with their employees.

The pandemic has changed the way all businesses operate, especially hospitals. Trumbull Regional Medical Center is one of hundreds across the country using technology called FastCommand.

FastCommand is helping hospitals coordinate and communicate with employees through their own cell phones.

Although Trumbull Regional Medical Center has been using the platform for nearly five years, the pandemic has really forced the hospital to step up the way it uses the technology.

The technology gives human resource directors a way to send important messages to employees who might not have computer access at the time.

Before the pandemic, Trumbull Regional said it used FastCommand only for things like a tornado or active shooter threat.

Now the hospital says it uses the technology every day.

“FastCommand allows HR directors to send what are called ‘smart alerts,’ to be able to advise them if they’ve been exposed to coronavirus, if they need them for additional shifts, that sort of thing,” said Kevin Foote, Fast Health Corporation CEO.

The technology also allows hospitals to send alerts about vaccinations and when employees are scheduled to get theirs.

It’s not just cell phone alerts — they can also send web-based alerts.

FastCommand works with hospitals in 40 different states.

“With the pandemic, every day is an emergency at a lot of these hospitals. Their need to alert their own staff really takes priority. Their staff need information quickly. They need to get accurate information,” Foote said.

Hacking in hospitals has become more common during the pandemic. Normally, that could quickly shut down a hospital, but now they can rely on this technology to keep everything up and running. Staff members can use their phones to admit patients even if hospital computers are down.

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