WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Trumbull County commissioners chose the newly elected commissioner as board president during the first meeting of the year Jan. 3.

It’s back to business in 2023 as the board of Trumbull Bounty commissioners meets for the first time in the new year with newly elected Commissioner Denny Malloy.

In his first meeting as county commissioner, Malloy was elected president of the board, a position he’ll hold for the year.

“I don’t want to do it the way anyone else did it this is something that I’m going to get my groove into that,” Malloy said.

Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa, a Democrat, was president his first year on the board.

Cantalamessa nominated Malloy for the position during Tuesday’s reorganization meeting. Only Commissioner Niki Frenchko voted against it.

“[Malloy] has the makeup, the qualities to lead this board forward, plus a new face — someone … that wasn’t a part of the old regime, whether it be Commissioner Frenchko or myself,” Catalamessa said. “Maybe somebody new could sort of squelch some of that tension we had in the past years.”

“My hope — and I’m cautiously optimistic for this — is that now that we have a new board member who is not part of the previous regime — the ‘Rubber Stamp Regime,’ as I like to call it — that he is going to come in and learn based on best practices,” Frenchko said.

“If I can make these meetings boring, then I’ve done my job,” Malloy said. “We don’t need any theatrics, and people don’t need to listen in for entertainment value. This is doing the county’s business, and I want it to get strictly back to a business meeting.”