WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko has been cleared in a civil rights complaint filed against her with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

In commission documents provided by Frenchko and dated May 26, 2022, the commission wrote that after their investigation, they found that Frenchko did not unlawfully discriminate against Linda Blair or Shara Taylor when she made comments about the Mafia, the age of a commissioner and perceived cronyism in county government.

The commission wrote that those comments were made in a political sense against her political opponents and that they did not prevent Blair from getting promoted, as she alleged, nor constitute discrimination as Taylor alleged.

The commission also wrote that the “respondent’s (Frenchko) comments relating to national origin or ancestry and age of her employees were not severe or pervasive in the workplace…therefore, there is not probable cause that [the] respondent has engaged in an unlawful discriminatory practice. This matter is dismissed.”

Blair and Taylor can request the commission reconsider the complaint within 10 days or a judicial review within 30 days.