Truck crashes into front of Columbiana wine shop

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The truck that crashed into the building is from Fishman Flooring Solutions

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Two Columbiana businesses were closed Wednesday after a truck slammed into a building.

It happened along State Route 14 around 7 a.m. Wednesday. The Fishman Flooring Solutions truck crashed into Wine Connection and EZ Lube.

The truck bounced across several curbs before crashing into the building.

The rig was buried in a concrete block wall and the driver was trapped inside for more than half an hour.

The driver was conscious at the scene, according to emergency crews. He had to be pulled from the cab of the truck after crews cut away the mangled metal to get to him.

“When we got here, I spoke with him and assured him we were going to get him out of there,” said Columbiana Police Det. Ryan Pike. “It took about a half-hour for us to extricate him from the truck due to where the truck was in the building.”

The driver is recovering at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Emergency crews also had to deal with several dangers around the scene.

“He did strike a gas meter also through the course of that crash. He punctured his fuel tank of his truck so there was a decent amount of diesel fuel spilled here at the scene,” Pike said.

Crews spent most of Wednesday cleaning up the mess from this accident but the investigation is going to go on much longer than that.

Accident investigators took several measurements and photos of the scene. Police also want to talk to the driver, who couldn’t remember what happened immediately following the crash.

“We are going to try and speak with him either today or once he is released from the hospital,” Pike said. “Try and get his side of the story, find out if there was a medical issue or the reason for the crash was.”

The owners of the businesses did not want to talk about what happened.

Along with the two businesses, the drive-thru lanes of a nearby bank were also closed for a while.

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