NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) – The driver of a truck crashed into a building in downtown Newton Falls Tuesday afternoon.

Mike and Pam Talanca Tuesday afternoon worked to secure the new plywood made necessary when a pickup truck ran through the front of their store, Broad Street Vintage in Newton Falls. It was closed at the time — the Talanca’s having returned from vacation just this morning.

“And I’m thinking you know just a little bit of a hit to the front of the building. But a truck had gone all the way through the glass of the front of my building,” said Pam.

“Yes, very loud,” said Shannon Benson who owns the comic books and collectibles store next door. He said the pickup truck driven by an elderly man was backing up onto West Broad Street when it collided with a semi.

“I was putting some toys up and I heard the semi trying to stop. Out the window, I actually saw him stopping. Then I heard the collision and then I heard the truck go through the window display,” said Benson.

Pictures provided by the fire department show just far inside the truck ended up. The driver, witnesses said, did not appear to be seriously hurt. After the truck was removed you could see the damage to the front of the store.

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  • Truck into Newton Falls store (1)

“Mainly just the window, structure around the building and then whatever my contents are,” said Pam.

A crew later boarded up the front of the building while Pam started cleaning up inside. She knows it could have been worse.

“If it had to be anybody it was better it was me as far as people are concerned because any other shop there would have been people inside,” said Pam.

Pam said they’ll definitely re-open, fix up what was damaged and move on. She was told by someone to have a “We’re still open sale” hoping to turn Tuesday’s mishap into a positive.