POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — The plan to replace all the signals at Poland’s busiest intersection is just four poles away from being completed.

It’s where routes 224, 170 and 616 come together. The signals are old, but getting replacement parts has been difficult.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is paying the $1.2 million to put up high-tech LED replacements.

Much of the preliminary work has been done, and crews are just waiting on new poles to finish. When done, the whole intersection should move more smoothly .

“This will help alleviate congestion through the area, so these signals will now talk to each other better so they’ll just be able to coordinate for when one signal’s green and one signal’s red,” said ODOT spokesman Ray Marsch.

The flashing signals at routes 170 and 616 across from Key Bank — and at Route 170 and Johnston Place — will be eliminated. The plan is to have the project finished sometime this fall.