YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – You know it’s bad when the snowplow driver gets stuck trying to clear a driveway.

After several minutes of spinning his tires to the point of smoking them, owner Derrick Taylor calls a friend with a tow truck.

“This is the truck I just bought yesterday, and I am ready to take it back,” Taylor said.

At least Taylor and his customer could keep good humor about it.

“Hey, in case you want to know how bad it is, the news is here at my house because the plow truck got stuck in my driveway. Now, I’m the victim. I mean, it happens and to be honest with you, I love this weather. I just wish it would be around Christmastime, you know what I mean?” said Daylen Ballinger, of Youngstown.

They weren’t alone. Just about anywhere that had not been plowed was prone to having cars get stuck. While most of those drivers could find a way out of their mess, others needed some help.

“We’ve been out since the snow started yesterday, said plow driver Corey Skully. Mainly people off the highway, needing spun around, brought back to the road so they can get back on their way.”

At the height of the storm overnight, it was one call after another.

“You get the people upset that when you tell them we’re going to be an hour to an hour and a half, but we just ask that they be patient. We are trying to get out there as fast as we can, safely,” Skully said.

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