BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Boardman man reported this week a hacker asked for $3,000 or said he’d wipe the man’s computer clean. The man hung up, called his bank to freeze his accounts and called police. Think you’re too smart to fall for it? The newest scam will really test you.

Scammers are being a little trickier and adding a new element. Scammers are using AI or artificial intelligence to mimic someone’s voice. They’re taking people’s voices from content posted online.

The little bit of your voice that you get, they are able to use it and then talk like you,” said Viktoria Jurkovic, consumer affairs manager for the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The scammers take little clips and they can make it sound like your loved one as long as they want. It can be appealing, believing that you’re actually talking to that person who needs help. The confusion is what leads people to make bad decisions.

“The fact that they can hear what they think is their loved one ignites an immediate fear and this immediate like I need to help them,” Jurkovic said.

Scammers ask you to send money in ways that make it hard to get your money back, like gift cards, wiring money, or crypto. Before you do it, take a second, and remember,
don’t trust the voice.

“When you receive a phone call or if you receive a phone call like this where you think it is a loved one in trouble and needing your help, needing money, hang up and try calling them back,” Jurkovic said.

If you can’t reach them, try to get in touch with another family member or friend to see if they can reach them.

If you spot a scam, call police and report it to the FTC.