To save log cabin, woman donates it to be restored in Beaver County State Park

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The house has stood on the same spot in Fairfield Township since it was built in the 1860s

FAIRFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A log cabin around 160 years old in Columbiana County is being taken apart only to be moved and rebuilt in one of the county’s state parks.

The house has stood on the same spot since it was built in the 1860s. It’s on Route 14, about one mile west of Columbiana, and consists of 115 logs.

It will be rebuilt for use at Beaver Creek State Park.

On Tuesday, the spot was more like an archeological dig into how houses were built a long time ago.

Ray Wengerd of Town and Country Log Homes near Wooster spent his day balancing across the rafters of the log house.

“We restore them. This is the first one we’re relocating,” he said.

It was Wengerd who, one by one, prepared the logs for removal, guided the crane into position and then back to a truck where the logs were stacked.

“I have a lot of appreciation on how they did all the notches and all the details and we have all this equipment here. They had horses, basically,” he said.

“We’re moving this two-story log house, 1860 questionably, maybe older,” said Dan Lyon.

Lyon is president of Friends of Beaver Creek State Park, the volunteer group that has spent three and half years getting the house moved and eventually rebuilt in the park’s Pioneer Village.

All the logs have been tagged so the house can be redone identically.

“This is a pretty big project for us. It’s probably going to be $75,000, maybe a little bit more,” Lyon said.

The logs were held together by dowl pins. To fill in the gaps, a mix of mud and straw was used, which all these years later remained intact.

Cindy DePillo watched as the house was dismantled. It was her family who built it — an ancestor, Merle Raymond Esterly, even etched his initials in thumbtacks near the front door.

DePillo now lives behind the log house which, for much of the last 100 years, was covered with siding outside and plaster inside.

To save it, DePillo decided to donate it.

“It’s been a great house. It served me well. It served my family well and it will serve the people who come down to visit it well,” she said.

Reconstructing the log cabin will begin soon after it gets to Beaver Creek State Park.

The plan is to have it under roof by Christmas and open to the public late next summer.

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