YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Wednesday night at Union Baptist Church, Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown was sworn into office for his second term as mayor.

“It’s exciting for me. All the things we wanted to do we’ll have an opportunity to do,” he said.

Known by many for his sports analogies, speakers compared Brown’s leadership of the city to football.

Brown has big plans going forward like expanding mental health services.

“We want to look at some pilots that might work where we get more mental health professionals involved in the community,” he said.

During the ceremony, Youngstown Police Chief Carl Davis shared a few words and even a song. He talked about his time working with Brown during his previous term.

“We had a little bit of increase with our crimes with the shootings this year but we are going to continue with our initiatives to serve the citizens of Youngstown,” Davis said.

Both agree that tackling Youngstown crime is a priority.

“Making sure that we continue those partnerships that we have made at the state, federal and local level. We want to make sure that those who are the detractors, that we get them off the street but we also want to make sure that we continue to build trust with our citizens,” Brown said.