CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — The typical New Year’s resolutions usually fall under fitness and dieting.

Many people want to reach various health goals like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol or shedding a few pounds.

A local personal trainer suggests starting slow and doing what’s best for your daily schedule. She believes the fitness journey can look different for everyone.

“You have to find out what’s going on in your daily routine. Figure out what fits. Some people like the weight training, others like the classes,” said Andrea Leonard with Creekside Fitness and Health Center.

She said that is why it’s important to find a place like Creekside that offers various classes, personal training sessions and different types of memberships.

If weight loss is your goal, you may want to talk to your primary care doctor first to get a better idea of where you are starting out.

One local physician said getting some tests done can help you see where your starting line will be.

“If you’re gonna get some sort of advice from a physician, coming in and getting, you know, blood work done and kinda getting a physical before you start the intense workout or whatever you are trying to do,” said Dr. Anthony Russo, who works in internal medicine for Steward Medical Group.

Dr. Russo said to also make sure you do anything in moderation. Starting out too fast can cause burnout later on.

He said that just making food swaps like adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet and eating leaner meats are a great starting point.