YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- According to the FBI, thousands of people fall victim to holiday scams every year.

With many doing their holiday shopping online, Captain Jason Simon with Youngstown Police says most of the scams they’re seeing relate to an online purchase.

He says often people are accidentally clicking on links disguised as a real shopping site, or you might be getting suspicious texts or emails about an online order. If you don’t recognize a link, steer clear and know who you’re buying items from.

“It’s just good advice at all times of year but it’s more frequent now, is not to follow any links or click on anything that remotely looks suspicious,” Simon said.

Simon said the best thing to do is look up that website or phone number on your own and make sure you’re verifying anything with the right company.

Holiday scams can target more than just your orders. Scammers are also going right for your wallet.

Police and the FBI caution you never wire money directly to a seller or pay with anything with a pre-paid gift card. Make sure websites are secure so scammers can’t steal your personal information. To be safe, use a credit card, and contact your company directly if there’s anything suspicious.

“If it’s your visa card don’t use the number that they give you find that number on the back of your credit card or online to see if there’s an issue,” said Simon.

If you do fall victim to a scam, make sure to report the charges to your bank or credit card.

You can also file reports with your local police department and the Ohio Attorney General’s office.