Tips and tricks to keep your trick-or-treaters safe, especially during COVID-19

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(WKBN) – Most people love a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to the safety of our trick-or-treaters.

Despite the pandemic, the season is looking a little less scary.

From bans on trick-or-treating to curfews, Halloween 2020 was far from normal. People had to get creative to stay safe and socially distant.

While this year might feel a little more “normal,” our hallowed tradition in the time of COVID-19 might make it look a little different.

Health officials recommend having kids wear a mask, resist the urge to eat candy right away and skip houses you may not be familiar with.

“You know, there’s all kinds of other things going around this time of year with colds and RSV and all of that, so making sure that that hand sanitizer is readily available even if they happen to be wearing gloves and before they would consume anything, make sure especially when you get home that they’re washing their hands,” said Bill McMahon, an Injury Prevention Coalition coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Health experts recommend that children who aren’t old enough to get the vaccine should wear a mask when they go door to door. They warn a Halloween mask shouldn’t count as your mask. They also don’t advise doubling up though because that could make it tough to breathe.

Children love Halloween because of the costumes and treats, but the holiday can also bring some serious safety risks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kids are twice as likely to get hit by a car while trick-or-treating compared to any other night of the year.

Burns and cuts also are common, and then there are problems caused by candy.

“When in doubt, throw it out. If there’s any doubt whatsoever in your mind about candy or a snack that they received along the way, have a separate bag for that and when you get back, you can kind of discretely toss it and no one’s feelings are hurt,” McMahon said.

McMahon also recommends giving your child a light meal or snack before they head out so they don’t try diving into their candy bags along the way. Urge them to wait until they get home and let you inspect their treats before they eat any of them.

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