One of the men convicted in the brutal death of 12-year-old Raymond Fife has died.

The Ohio Department of Corrections said Timothy Combs died at the Grafton Prison on November 9.

He was 50 years old.

Combs was 17 when he, along with 18-year-old Danny Lee Hill, attacked Fife as he was walking home from a Boy Scout meeting in 1985.

“I’m not celebrating his death, I wouldn’t do that,” said Miriam Fife, Raymond’s mother. “But I can rest in peace knowing that one more person won’t be let out of prison and do to a child what he did to Raymond. I can rest easy on that one.”

Combs was given a life sentence for the crime. Since he was only 17 when it happened, he could not get the death penalty.

Hill was found guilty of attacking, raping and murdering Fife and given the death penalty.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court will reconsider hearing Hill’s case. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a federal court’s decision that upheld Hill’s death sentence, saying there was clear and convincing evidence that Hill is mentally disabled.