YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- The third shooting on I-680 over the past two months occurred early Friday morning, according to police.

Police said that the car was traveling southbound on I-680 before it was shot at around 1 a.m.

I680, Belle Vista, Youngstown, Ohio Shooting Map

Two women who were in the vehicle told police that a car slowed down causing them to stop. Police said someone exited the vehicle and took a few shots at them and took off.

No one was injured, but Captain Jason Simon with YPD says the car was hit several times.

Officers collected some evidence at the scene. There are no suspects at this time, but Simon says this was not a random act of violence.

“These are targeted incidents. So, there are not individuals on or around 680 targeting folks randomly,” Simon said. “All the victims that we’ve had have been targets, specifically, for one way or another, and we do believe coincidentally that they’ve all happened on 680.”

Simon said YPD will be increasing patrols on I-680.

“Despite the fact that they are targeted incidents, we know that the public is a bit more apprehensive about driving on 680. So, to help assuage those fears, there are going to be extra patrols all throughout the days on various parts of 680, on-ramps, off-ramps and the freeway itself,” Simon said.

Prior to this shooting, the last shooting on I-680 was on Sunday, when the victim was left in critical condition. Two 19-year-olds were killed after another shooting on I-680 during the late evening of January 5.

Simon said they have no reason to believe that any of these shootings are related.