Thinking about installing a pool or hot tub this summer? Expect to wait in line

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Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs is completely sold out of pools for the year

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’re thinking about installing a pool or hot tub, expect to wait in line. The demand is high because of COVID-19 and suppliers are still trying to catch up.

Business is booming for pool supply store across the Valley, leaving them mostly out of stock.

“I mean, it’s crazy. I mean, it really is. We’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Steve Bayer, owner of Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs in Austintown.

Bayer said the craziness started around the beginning of March when COVID-19 really started to take its toll.

“People started calling because they knew they were going to be staying home and we were closed for about seven weeks, and we sold 17 pools in the time we were closed,” Bayer said.

Even though they sold the pools, it’s not like they could install them right away.

“Everything is backed up. When we order things, it may not come in for two to three months and when you talk about a summer product, that’s pretty devastating,” Bayer said.

Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs is completely sold out of pools for the year. They are also sold out of hot tubs, so they even started selling the displays.

“If you’re thinking about a pool or a hot tub, you may want to do it. Even though you may not get it until next year, you’ll be the first to get it installed next year,” Bayer said.

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