The time is now: How to safeguard your house against bees

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With this year's mild winter, Travis Watson -- also known as "The Bee Man" -- says the hibernation process has started early

(WKBN) – Warmer temperatures mean it is closer to bee season, and as one bee removal specialist suggests, now is the best time to bee proof your house to avoid a catastrophe.

Travis Watson is known as “The Bee Man.” He says March is the time to fix up your house.

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“Most of the stinging insects that we have around here come out of hibernation starting in April,” Watson said.

Or whenever temperatures consistently reach 50 degrees. With this year’s mild winter, Watson says that process started early. Some bees may even be out now.

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“They think it’s later in the season than it is, so they come out of hibernation and because it’s still cold outside, they’ll just come inside someone’s house. So I’ll get calls for that a lot this time of year,” he said.

When it comes to prevention, Watson says to check for outside gaps on your house that lead inside. If you find them, fill them. If you have any gopher or chipmunk holes in your yard, fill them as well.

“Because if that goes into a cavity that’s large enough, you can get yellow jackets moving into those. So this time of year, walk around your flower beds, walk around your yards, see if there’s any holes in there that would be inviting to any sorts of yellow jackets or bumblebees,” he said.

Watson says preventing a bee problem is better than letting it start. He said most people he helps waited until they had a bee problem.

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