The Red Zone helping to raise Youngstown City students’ GPAs

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Community leaders were able to witness firsthand the impact of a local community group — The Red Zone — on students in Youngstown.

Youngstown State President Jim Tressel, Judges Carla Baldwin and Anthony D’Apolito, and members of Youngstown City Council were at Wilson Elementary School on Thursday to see the progress students have made.

This progress was confirmed in a 2018 report, which indicated that 283 Youngstown City School District students enrolled in The Red Zone showed a 16.5 percent increase in their overall GPA scores between the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic years.

The Red Zone is a behavioral health and substance treatment facility that works with students in the Youngstown, Liberty and Southern Local school districts.

Former Ohio State football player Maurice Clarett founded The Red Zone to show kids the potential they have.

He said it means everything to him because the program is an extension of thoughts he had always wanted to accomplish someday.

Clarett also advocates for mental health awareness and compares it to getting ready for a football season.

“Just like you have your physical attributes you need for life, you have mental attributes that you need to take care of right,” he said. “You get stressed, you get confusion, you have relationships you have to balance. All those things pull on your mind.”

Clarett hopes the success they’ve seen so far will only grow.

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